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About ACON

Right here and right now, ACON is helping our community stay healthy and strong by giving you the information and the services you need to look after yourself...

ACON was set up 21 years ago as the AIDS Council of New South Wales. Since then, we’ve evolved into NSW’s leading gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender health organisation. But our central focus remains on HIV/AIDS.

ACON is staffed by caring and professional people who are committed to providing head-to-toe health information and services for the GLBT community by people who understand.

We offer a range of support services...

such as counselling, housing, home care and transport, treatments advice, safe sex resources and an interactive learning centre (Sydney only).

We provide important health and wellbeing information...

about HIV/AIDS, sexual health, alcohol and drugs, mental health, ageing, anti-violence and much more.

And we make sure everyone within our community is getting a fair go...

by advocating for and having special projects dedicated to specific groups such as young queer women, mature age gays, Aboriginals, Asians, sex workers and many others.

If you want to help us help you...

you can either donate some money or volunteer some of your time and expertise.

Our head office is in Sydney, NSW...

To find out more about ACON, drop in for a chat:

Give us a call:

Or send us an email or letter:

If you’re not in Sydney, then we’ve got offices in regional NSW as well:

- 129 Maitland Rd, Islington, NSW, 2296 – hunter@acon.org.au / Tel: 4927 6808 / Fax: 4927 6485.

- 4 Hayward Street, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444 – mnc@acon.org.au / Tel: 6584 0943 / Fax: 6583 381.

– 47 Kenny St, Wollongong, NSW, 2500 – illawarra@acon.org.au / Tel: 4226 1163 / Fax: 4226 9838.

– 27 Uralba St, Lismore, NSW, 2480 – northernrivers@acon.org.au / Tel: 6622 1555 / Fax: 66221520.